About us

Thanks for dropping in!

We are a rider owned, and rider staffed lifestyle shop! 

Our first shop we opened was in Philadelphia, PA many years ago.  We were crazy enough to open a second location over the bridge in Haddonfield, NJ.  Our Haddonfield NJ location is now our only brick and mortar shop.  We joined the dark side of the world wide web!  Can't beat em, join em!

We love everything about the Bike and Boards lifestyle, and we hope our family (customers) feel that!  We also love cold beers after a great ride or session with new and old friends. 

The ocean and the mountains are our happy places! 

Please drop in our beautiful shop to see how we used as much as reclaimed wood and drift wood as possible for our build out!  The kegerartor is always full...well, MOST of the time it's full with a local brew!  Just have that ID ready!

If you can make one of our group rides or trips, please do so!  We are all about having fun on bikes and boards, so please join us no matter what your skill level is!  We promise you'll have FUN, and that's all that matters! 

Thanks for watching, please keep watching!  Tell your friends to watch too!  Peace out!