Bustin Boards Ibach - 'Dakota' Graphic

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Designed For: Drawing on dropped board designs from downhill skateboarding roots, this skateboard features a double drop as well as a drop through construction. By touching on the roots of downhill designs, this boards performance is remnant of the classic low riding platform that was originally chosen for its proven stability. This performance feature of a low riding platform also leads its self to making this a very comfortable commuting board around town in between heated sessions with the homies.

Set-Up Suggestions: Although either Traditional or Reverse Kingpin trucks successfully mount on this model, 180mm RKP’s will maximize the wheel options which will compliment the implemented design elements. To maintain ground clearance, 70mm wheels are suggested and can be safely be run with out fear of bite whether it be during a downhill sessions or when simply just pushing around the city.

Team Comments: The 8-ply construction gives this board a perfect stiffness to flex ratio that really leads its self to faster riding as well as to those bigger riders who are looking for a dropped deck that they won’t bottom out during their various voyages. This board can stand up to daily abuse and is ready to take you anywhere comfortably while still giving you total control to mix and blur the boundaries of your skating.

Bustin Paris Collaboration Matte Black
The Paris 180mm is the all-around and perfect any terrain truck. These are able to handle anything and everything you could possibly throw at them. The 180mm hanger is the perfect go-to size for most decks and compliments all riding styles. Like all Paris Trucks, the baseplate angle is 50 degrees, which provides the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. All Paris Trucks are built with 90a Divine bushings.

Bustin Sniper Five-O Wheels - 70mm/80a
This square lipped freeride wheel features a wide contact patch and our signature "DumpThane" formula. Not only will they provide you with super smooth, predictable pre-drifts, but the larger contact patch and square lips will grip harder around corners while the greater amount of urethane in these wheels will provide more resistance, control and longevity.

        Diameter – 70mm
        Contact Patch – 52mm
        Stone Ground/Pre-Broken In – Yes
        Thane Lines – Heck Yeah!
        Lips – Square
        Core Placement – Offset
        Uses – Medium to fast freeride + moderate downhill. 

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