Bustin Boards Daenseu 46" Deck - 'Lykos' Graphic

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Daenseu 46”:
Designed For: Skating is ever evolving and ever changing and the Daenseu is our creation to continue to cater to those on the forefront of progression. This is our second edition Daenseu which has been redesigned based off feedback from top riders within the freestyle and dancing communities across the world. This board is designed from the ground up for skaters, by skaters to ensure it included the exact board design elements the community is looking for. 

Team Comments: From stiffening up the kicks to switching the convex design to a rockered standing platform, the Daenseu V2 implements the exact feedback from our various team riders and the results speak for them selves. Lots of thought and product testing went into this new design but every member of Team Bustin is amped on the new feel found the instant they step foot on this new design.

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