Bustin Boards CRAFT SERIES 9.875" Deck - 'Liberty' Graphic

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Designed For: This rootsy ripper was dreamed up with many historical elements of skateboard design on the forefront of our mind. Featuring a full, flared tail that is straight up from the ‘80’s paired with a modernly revised nose this board combines elements from skating’s past and blends them with skating’s present. Made to mob anything from backyard pools to the crusty DIY down the street, the extra board width will lock you in and inspire high levels of confidence as you work on upping your transition skills while keeping the option open to mix a bit of new school tech into your skating.

Construction: :  Manufactured by legendary board builder and designer Paul Schmitt, this sled features 7 plies of rock hard Canadian Maple with the inner torsional plies being beefed up for added strength. This tried and true layup provides the best longevity while retaining a snappy pop throughout the entirety of the boards life.

Set-Up Suggestions: When considering truck options to set up this board, a minimum of 169mm (9.0”) hanger width is going to be required while still retaining the option to go full “old head” status with a set of 215mm trucks. Wheel options for this board range all the way from something OG Powell G Bones to a more modern shaped and sized wheel with few if any other accommodating adjustment needed.

Team Comments: If you are looking for a set up that rides like a blast from the past, going with a truck option closer to the 215mm will render that feel perfectly while still allowing a more modern transition crusher feel offered from a 169mm truck pairing. The large flared out tail allows you to stand on the coping during fights with friction but does not limit your capabilities once you roll back into the street plaza of the park.

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