Bustin Boards Boombox Deck- 'Tanjun' Graphic

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Designed For: Drawing inspiration from both the freestyle community as well as the freeriding community, the Boombox is designed to “free” its owner from the cookie cutter world that can be found within either realm. Featuring a fully functional nose and tail, getting this board off the ground is completely possible in between technical variations of traditional power slides.

Set-up Suggestions:  Pairing best with 180mm Revese Kingpin Trucks which allow for the most versatility in your individual approach to skateboarding while giving you the most diversity as far as wheel clearance is concerned. Round lipped wheels in the 64mm range will lead them selves to better sliding performance while retaining enough of a techy design to cater to mix in some flip tricks at your next local slide jam.

Team Comments: A very comfortable concave allows for that locked in feeling when you get sideways but its not to intense to affect your tricks that require flicks. This hybrid shape is perfect for blending the lines of what skateboarding is and makes it possible to push your personal limits across the various genres of skating.

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