Bustin Boards Bonsai Mini 29" - 'Raion' Graphic

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Designed For: Whether you are trying to make the tardy bell at school or just looking to dip in and out of traffic on 5th Ave, the Bonsai is the pint sized pusher that you need in your life. Its light weight, compact design caters toward a perfectly stash-able sled that still can handle some light tech lines mixed in along the way.

Suggested Set-Up: Pairing this deck with 109mm-129mm Traditional Kingpin Trucks makes for a responsive and snappy set up that seems to be intuitive to the riders performance desires. Larger wheels, 66mm-70mm supported by riser pads are suggested for a more push oriented set up while smaller wheels will lead them selves toward a set up geared toward sessioning whatever you can find along your journey.

Team Comments:  It is almost standard for every member of Team Bustin to have a Bonsai in their quiver of sleds they regularly ride. This model skateboard has fun built into its DNA and is sure to enhance any commute and is sure to switch up your traditional approach to getting around town.

Bustin Sniper Five-O Wheels - 70mm/80a
This square lipped freeride wheel features a wide contact patch and our signature "DumpThane" formula. Not only will they provide you with super smooth, predictable pre-drifts, but the larger contact patch and square lips will grip harder around corners while the greater amount of urethane in these wheels will provide more resistance, control and longevity.

        Diameter – 70mm
        Contact Patch – 52mm
        Stone Ground/Pre-Broken In – Yes
        Thane Lines – Heck Yeah!
        Lips – Square
        Core Placement – Offset
        Uses – Medium to fast freeride + moderate downhill.

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